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Do you have what it takes to be a great teacher? Teachers who possess all skills of a great teacher are hard to come by. Patience, understanding, calmness, acute listening abilities are a few attributes of a great teacher. This article will expand upon ten qualities required to be deemed a great teacher.


Personality and Teaching Style

A great teacher should be able to hold the attention of the entire classroom. Depending on the age being taught, holding students attention for an elongated period can be difficult. An engaging personality is required to get the attention of students and then to keep their attention throughout discussions during the class.

Clear Objectives

A great teacher has very clear and concise objectives for each class. Objectives should be set and then met to ensure students are on track to fulfill the curriculum guidelines.


Discipline Skills

In the event of a student acting up or displaying behaviors that are out of line, a great teacher should be able to implement effective discipline tactics. Discipline skills can help keep a class under control and aid in completing the set objectives.


Communication with Parents

A key quality to have that makes a great teacher. Keep open communication with parents about their children. Inform them of any discrepancies or achievements their student has displayed. Always be available to talk on the phone in case of an emergency.  



Going hand-in-hand with discipline skills, management skills are helpful in establishing effective study and work habits for students. A great teacher should be able to emulate a sense of respect between teacher and student.



Set the bar high for your students. A great teacher not only sets expectations high for their students but believes that students can surpass them and excel in the classroom.


Knowledge of Curriculum

A great teacher knows what is expected of them and their students. Teachers should be able to follow the curriculum efficiently and understand what the standards of the school they are teaching at.


Know the Subject Matter

Great teachers should have a wealth of knowledge about the subject matter that they are teaching. Going further, a great teacher should show excitement and enthusiasm about the subject matter and be able to answer more complicated questions on the subject matter that the curriculum does not include.



A deciding factor that separates teachers from great teachers is passion. Teachers should have a passion for teaching and help children in their journey to become well-educated people.


Trusting Relationships

A great teacher has healthy and trusting relationships with students.