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Nowadays there are so many tools for teachers to use to help them inside of the classroom, Here I have broken four ones that I believe will help you better yourself as a teacher and be beneficial to your students all around.

Flashcard Machine

Flashcard Machine is a beneficial tool for students and teachers alike. Flashcard Machine is an online storage site where you can create your own set of flashcards for different subjects. The site can be utilized to store a wide array of topics making them easily accessible for students so they can reinforce what they learned in the classroom. Creating an account is free, and you can create flashcards from scratch or upload them from another source. This method proves to be better at organizing relevant information and takes out the hassle of keeping traditional flashcards stored.


Peergrade is an online resource that can allow students to partake in evaluating work from fellow students. Once you have registered, the teacher can create an assignment which the students will then complete. Once completed the assignment is distributed to other students for anonymous evaluation. The students will receive constructive criticism on their work as well as take part in critically analyzing other’s work. In Peergrade students act as editors and learn more deeply about the assignment through giving feedback and receiving it from their peers.


Nearpod is a web-based program that can allow teachers to create interactive presentations for their students to utilize in the classroom. Once these presentations are created, the teacher will provide students with a code where they can log on to any device connected to the internet and access the content. Nearpod has presentations that are premade so teachers can either access those or create their own. A significant part of these presentations is that you can add interactive tools to them to better involve students in the learning process. Quizzes, Polls, videos, drawing boards, and web content are just a few additions that can be put into the customized presentations. Nearpod even allows teachers to create homework assignments for students. Another code can be provided to access homework assignments from any connected device. 

Remind 101

Remind 101 is a mobile dive app that allows teachers, students, and parents to stay connected. By downloading the app teachers can talk to students and parents on a professional platform. Teachers can schedule reminders about assignments and field trips. Remind 101 can hold group conversations in entire classrooms and also schedule office hours for both students and parents to know what the best time it is to reach you.