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Being An Effective Substitute Teacher

Being a substitute teacher can be intimidating. Walking into a classroom of students which you have never had any interaction with is daunting. The best way to approach a classroom for the first time is with understanding. This blog will help you calm those substitute nerves and make the most out of your experience with your temporary students. First…

Strategies To Engage Students

As a teacher, you will encounter students who are simply not interested in learning. It can be difficult to get the student interested in the material you are teaching. Listed are some common ways that teachers can begin to pull that student out of indifference and spark their interest in learning.

The Different Teaching Methods

There are a variety of teaching methods that can be useful. This article does not cover every teaching method but does cover three basic teaching methods that have been used the most in recent years. Teaching methods vary from teacher to teacher but the best way to make your own is to…