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10 Qualities of A Great Teacher

What defines a great teacher? Great teachers are hard to come by, but when you find one, you will know. Great teachers should be able to emulate all of these qualities in and out of the classroom. Next time you are hiring for teachers, consider using this article as a guide to finding a great one.

Technology In Schools

Technology is playing a major role in schools all around the globe. The incorporation of technology into schools is inevitable. Integrating technology into the classroom should be a primary objective for all school districts. In this article I expand upon some initiatives that are making it their mission to utilize technology to better serve their students.

4 Technology Tools for The Classroom

Nowadays there are so many tools for teachers to use to help them inside of the classroom, Here I have broken four ones that I believe will help you better yourself as a teacher and be beneficial to your students all around. Flashcard Machine Flashcard Machine is a...


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