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For teachers who are responsible for a handful of children each day, it can be challenging to remain in control of the classroom. One of the most difficult parts of teaching is handling students who are rebellious or overactive. If you want to succeed in your role, there are a few tips to take to handle your most difficult students. Make sure to incorporate these tips into your everyday teaching plan.

Use Positive Strategies

One of the best ways to work with challenging students is to use positive strategies that allow you to remain in control and act as a good role model to kids who are in your care. You can also seat the child near you to ensure that you can closely monitor their behavior each day. When they have good days, make it a point to affirm and praise them to ensure that they feel encouraged and understand the right behavior to practice.

You’ll also need to avoid yelling, scolding, or lecturing the individual, which can be damaging and can cause the student to feel embarrassed. Negatively treating them can also cause friction to develop in your relationship with one another and can lead to a lack of respect.

Avoid Holding a Grudge

Forgiveness is a significant part of teaching, making it necessary to forgive and forget when some of your students continue to misbehave or act out in class. Allow yourself to have a new day each day and view all of your students equally to ensure that you don’t subconsciously have a different tone when speaking to your most difficult kids. Avoid bringing up old behavior with the student, which can cause them to repeat their mistakes and feel singled out.

Control Your Temper

Maintaining your authoritative role as a teacher means that you’ll need to control your temper and avoid losing your cool when you’re dealing with certain students. The respect that your students have for you will become lost if you have a temper and react negatively to chaos. Take a few deep breaths and give yourself a few seconds to calm down before you respond to inappropriate or rebellious behavior. Remaining consistent with how you respond to certain situations or discipline your students will help them to learn more quickly how they should behave and act in class.