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Every teacher has struggled with motivating students at some point. Unmotivated and uninterested students are easy to spot. Students may have their head down, not taking notes, and feel indifferent about the entire learning process. As a teacher, it is inevitable to feel the need to motivate these students when they are in your classroom. This can be a difficult process, but there are strategies that you can implement to try and spike the student’s interest.


Things They Are Interested In


A great way to get those students who are uninterested in learning in your class is to relate to them on a more personal level. Take a few minutes before or after a class to get to know them better and inquire about activities they are interested in. Once you have a better understanding of that student or students, then you can use that to your advantage going forward. Relate the subject matter to the interest of the unengaged student. Finding a way to relate a student’s interest to the subject matter will spike their interest in what they will be learning about throughout the class. You can refer back to the example if you find the student to be slipping back into indifference.

Location, Location, Location


Another strategic way of getting your students motivated is to move them around and place the ones more likely to wander in the center of the class. Place the student in the “heart” of the classroom. The ideal location is not the front row, necessarily, but in the center, close to the front. A location change could initiate the student to become more attentive to the subject matter and possibly engage them with other students.

Engage The Parents


Usually, when a teacher reaches out to a parent of a student, it is nothing but bad news. In the case of an uninterested student, get the parents involved and tell them when their child has done well in the classroom that day. This will help the student in their home life as well. The parents will see that their child has done well in class that day and the child will get recognition from their parents. Another way to engage parents is to have more open communication with them. If other strategies to motivate the student failed, try contacting the parents to see if they have advice or notice any similar behaviors at home.